GIFT VOUCHERS for the dance courses


Dancers' Club - dárkový voucher na taneční kurzy a soukromé lekce

Gift vouchers are perfect presents for your belowed for Christmas, birthdays, weddings or anniversaries. Do you want to give them a little of dancing or few moves on the dance floor or in some fitness class but you do not know what they would prefer? Than give them a voucher and they will choose the proper course themselves :-) 


All gift vouchers have the A5 format and are printed on smooth glossy stiff paper.
The value of vouchers is possible to draw even in parts.

How it works:

  1. You come to our studio and pay for the GIFT VOUCHER. It is up to you if it will be CZK 500, 800 or maybe 2000. If you already know which course could the owner of the gift choose, we can write it directly on the voucher instead of the money amount. The minimum is CZK 160 (equivalent of one 60 mins lesson). Payment via Sodexo or Edenred vouchers is not possible in this case. Payment by bank transfer is possible after agreement - please contact us.

  2. You get your voucher within 5 minutes. It is also possible to send the voucher in PDF file to your email.

  3. Then you just insert the voucher into an envelope and you can go congratulate! :-)

  4. The recipient can choose a proper course or trial lesson etc. and register for the course >>


Vánoční poukázka - voucher na taneční kurzy v Dancers' Clubu

Christmas edition

We also have a special christmas edition with Christmas motive.



We issue vouchers on the spot

For questions contact us on +420 72 4115 412, +420 731 677 684 or on email