Salsa for Couples (Salsa Linea on 1)

Salsa is a very popular dance for couples which has only few simple rules - if you keep these rules you can easily dance with enyone around the world. Thats why people like Salsa, because the rules are easy to learn and still gives the dancers opportunity to express themselves freely on the dance floor. We do not teach choreographies, we prefer to teach you main steps, turns and dance figures that you can later combine yourself to make your own combinations. We will also teach you how to experiment and how to add your own styling and develop your unique dance style. 

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We teach elegant linear salsa on 1 (also called "cross-body lead salsa" or mistakenly L.A. salsa style). Our courses consist of warm-up, practical part with new moves and figures that we later put into a longer combination, technique and sometimes also experimantal exercises, revisions from previous lessons and a practice part in the end of each lesson. 

  • several basic steps and turns
  • timing and right counting of beats 
  • new moves and combinations + revisions from previous lessons if needed
  • partnework - the right technique how to lead and follow your partner
  • and also work on styling to make your dance look great and sexy.


Salsa Course for Beginners (1st Level)

Beginner level is opened for everybody who want to start with Salsa dance even if you do not have any dance experience. Do not worry, we count with the fact you might have no idea how to make a single step - thats why we are here to teach you how to dance salsa! 


Salsa Course for Intermediates (2nd Level) 

This course is intended for those dancer who already finished the beginner level of salsa linea and also salsa cubana or have adequate experiance (e.x. they have been dancing Latin-americal dances and some other dances for couples). The participants who want to join this level should be able to lead / follow the dance partner, be well balanced in turns, be able to keep the rhythm and cooperate with the dance partner.


Salsa Course for Intermediates II (3rd Level) 

This course is intended for those dancer who already finished the previous Intermediate level I and are able to smoothly dance several types of combinations including cross body lead figures, inside/outside pivot turns, open break figures and also figures consisting of more complex parts like hammer lock or pizza turns, who are able to improvise on music a little bit and can put and dance smoothly figures one after another, ladies should be able to apply at least basic styling and handwork, double turns and spotting. 


Salsa Course for Upper Intermediates II (4th Level) 

Upper Intermediate Course is intended for those dancer who already finished the previous level and wont to work on musicality, timing, original styling styling in solo dancing and also in couples, how to apply more features within 8 counts, who want to try to dance on 2 (mambo on2 - New York style). The combination we will teach you will be more complex and longer but also more interesting...


If you are not sure which level you should register for you can come for trial lesson. Than you can change the level to higher/lower one.


Salsa is a dance for couples so we will be happy if you also register in couples. If you do not have a dance partner we reccomend you to register as soon as possible so you have higher chance that we can accept your registration because some other single dancer will also apply to make a couple with you.


Dance Courses Schedule and Pricelist for JANUARY - MARCH 2016 >>


The Salsa courses teachers are Mirka Toušová (CZ) and Ľubomír Marjov (SK).

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